Easy Ways to Add Natural Vibes to Your Nursery

Let’s be honest, there is nothing quite like getting out there amongst nature and smelling the fresh air! It resets the mind and washes away all the stress and tension. So adding some of these natural elements to your little one’s nursery is a great way to feel those vibes throughout your home. Plus it’s not actually as hard as you might think! Here is just a few simple things you can look at to bring the outdoors in

5 Simple Tips For Keeping a Tidy Home Even With Kids!

So you’ve gone from an organised heaven to being caught up in a hurricane of brightly coloured plastic toys, books, wooden building blocks and fingerprints all over your windows. Whilst you would never wish away these little humans you have created, sometimes you just wish for slightly less chaos whilst they are creating memories. Guess what that’s totally ok! And here is five simple tips you can use to achieve it

How Colour Can Affect Your Child’s Development – Plus Free Flashcards!

Did you know that colour forms an important part of your child’s cognitive development? Especially in the first 3-5 years of their lives. In great news, there is easy steps you can implement when decorating their nursery and bedroom to help stimulate this!

Plus get your own sets of high contrast and colour flashcards!

The Importance of Creating a Quiet Space for Your Child

In a world that is so full of noise, how do we give our children the opportunity to experience silence? With the rise and availability of technology at our fingertips nowadays, it is second nature for them to hear constant ringing and buzzing. Screens always illuminated and some kind of background noise. But did you know that something as simple as silence could be the best gift you could ever give them!

How Mood Boards Can Save You Time and Money

Mood Boards are a great design tool to help you visualise the space you’re trying to create without having to spend a single cent! Have you ever imagined how you want a space to look and all the items you want in there, only to purchase them and realise they don’t actually work together? Well a mood board can help you with this! They can also be a great help when you are working with brands, designers, etc. so they can get an idea of what you want. Sometimes what we describe in words may not be the same thing that someone else visualises when they hear it, so ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ takes on a whole new meaning here!

How to Design a Magical Kids Space Even When You’re Renting

Just because it’s not your house doesn’t mean you can’t make it your home! Plus why should you get to miss out on all the decorating fun? Trust me,  lot’s of homeowners use these tricks too because who doesn’t like to move their kids room around every now and then and well, who has time to get their stud finder, hammer and drill out?

5 Things to Focus on When Designing a Room for Your Child – Plus Bonus Planning Tool!

Designing a room for your child can quickly become an overwhelming task. You want it to be perfect for them, but you also know it needs to be functional! How do you create a space that is both functional, fun, imaginative and whimsical? The key is to focus on 5 key points plus read to the end and score yourself a FREE planning tool!


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