You have that perfect vision in your mind of what you want this space to look like. You know it is going to be Instagram and Pinterest worthy but you just can’t seem to find the colours and styles you’ve envisioned. 

No need to worry anymore!  I design, make and send you the cushions you have been looking for so can focus on creating that magical space your kids have always dreamed of! 

So now, whilst you get back to visualising that space, creating your mood board, scrolling Instagram and pinning those projects on Pinterest that you will get around to ‘one day’. Imagine how nice it will be to not have to pack up the kids, plus half the house just for a trip to the shops, only to discover the cushions you were hoping to find are no longer in stock, don’t come in the colour you want or aren’t really what you were looking for in the first place because they are ‘just like everyone else’s’. Sit back, have that coffee, or wine (no judgement here – whatever gets you through right?!) and let me make them for you – you know you’ve earned it! 

Now, let’s be real for a minute. I would say at least once a month the age old debate goes on between myself and my fiance’. Who really needs this many cushions?  

Honestly, (and between you and I let’s never tell him this….) It’s probably a want more than a need, but really I would say 95% of the male population out there probably don’t think there is a need for them either. But we all know that just isn’t true. 

I mean they instantly jazz up a space, you can change the entire room just by adding/changing the cushions around. Plus that just means you don’t have to buy new furniture to change things up. Just rotate a few different cushions and bam! a whole new room! 

So yes, this is me giving you permission to buy some more cushions. Why? Well, let’s be honest, just because you need them.




Hi, I’m Emma the crazy cushion lady behind this handmade business venture.

Based just south of Perth in Western Australia all items are lovingly handmade in my smoke free home.

I’ve always loved creating ever since I was a little girl and learning to sew with my Mum would have to be some of the best childhood memories I have. So now I am sharing what I love to create with you!

I am passionate about helping create magical spaces for kids to grow, imagine, create and explore! In a world where they grow up so quickly, let them be little for a little longer and create a magical space for their personalities to grow! 


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